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Cardamom Rose 4XA Gifter

Himalayan Rose soothes, calms & helps take away daily stress, relaxing the senses. Luxuriously fragrant Organic Ceylon Cardamom warms, uplifts & clarifies the mind & body. The synergistic blend promotes joyous natural wellbeing.

This box includes,
CARDAMOM ROSE – Body Lotion x 1
CARDAMOM ROSE – Bath & Shower Gel x 1
CARDAMOM ROSE – Body Scrub x 1
CARDAMOM ROSE – Body & Pillow Mist – Taller x 1

*Valid Till 14th May

De-Stress 4XA Gifter

A selection of comforting & harmonizing natural formulae infused with powerful Ayurveda herbs & potent essential oils to soothe & de-stress, the body & mind.

This box includes,
DE-STRESS – Calming Body Elixir 250ml
DE-STRESS – Relaxing Body Cleanser 250ml
DE-STRESS – Harmonising Essence Mist – Taller 225g

*Valid Till 14th May

Sleep 4XA Gifter

A selection of indulgent Ayurveda bath & body care formulae infused with precious herbs & pure aromatic essential oils to soothe, calm, & relax the senses, promoting deep restful sleep.

This box includes,
SLEEP – Body Milk 250ml
SLEEP – Bath & Shower Gel 250ml
SLEEP – Hydrating Butter 200g
SLEEP – Body & Pillow Mist – Taller 100ml

*Valid Till 14th May

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