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Anti-Blemish Spot Treatment – Neem & Wintergreen 20ml

Our Newest Addition to our Acne Fighters, Anti-Blemish Spot Treatment – Neem & Wintergreen 20ml is a fast-acting spot treatment gel super-charged with Natural Salicylic Acid from Wintergreen to help re-surface skin, diminishing the look of blemishes, spots & discolorations. Natural fruit actives from Lemon, Lime & Grapefruit help accelerate cell turnover & boost anti-blemish action. Neem, Rosemary & Lemongrass help improve skin tone & re-in force natural balance. Soothing Witch Hazel combines with Peppermint & Rose Geranium to help cool & comfort skin. Overall effect helps promote visibly clearer more-even skin tone.

• Clean & Green
• Alcohol Free
• Against Animal Cruelty
• 100% Vegan & Vegetarian
• Authentic Ayurveda Ingredients
• Ethically Sourced & Manufactured
• Supports Community Fair Trade
• Promotes Sustainable Harvesting

Neem & Tea Tree – Overnight Treatment Masque Set

Get your Neem & Tea Tree Skin Care Essentials Set with:

NEEM & TEA TREE - Overnight Treatment Masque 30ml x 1
WHITE MINT - Facial Cleansing Foam 30ml x 1
NEEM & TEA TREE - Refining Natural Exfoliator 10g x 1
NEEM & TEA TREE - Mattifying All Day Protector SPF 5+ 10g x 1
NEEM & TEA TREE - Purifying Mineral Masque 30g x 1

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