Body Exfoliator Capsules Collection Box

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Customise your Body Exfoliator Capsules Quad box accoriding to your preference. <br><br>

* Against Animal Cruelty<br>
* 100% Vegan & Vegetarian<br>
* Authentic Ayurveda Ingredients<br>
* Ethically Sourced & Manufactured<br>
* Paraben, Paraffin, Alcohol, Silicon & Phthalate Free <br>
* Promotes Sustainable Harvesting<br>
* Supports Community Fair Trade<br><br>

Peace - Body Scrub 20g<br>
Sensual Sandalwood - Body Scrub 20g<br>
Energise - Exfoliating Body Refiner 20g<br>
Ceylon Tea & Spice - Body Scrub 20g<br>
White Jasmine - Body Scrub 20g<br>
White Tuberose - Body Scrub 20g<br>
Calumba Wood - Body Scrub 20g<br>
Red Sandalwood - Body Scrub 20g<br>
Virgin Coconut - Intense Body Exfoliator 20g<br>
Detox - Ceylon Coffee - Body Polish Gel 20g<br>
Detox - Hot Sugar Body Scrub 20g<br>
Cardamom Rose - Body Scrub 20g


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Peace - Body Scrub 20g<br>
A naturally aromatic & creamy Ayurveda formula infused with powerful herbs & minerals. Deep acting Ceylon Margosa & Walnut combine to help purify skin, clearing clogged pores, removing toxins & dead cells. Tangy Lime fruit promotes overall skin cell renewal & helps brighten skin tone. Virgin Coconut, Olive, Sunflower & Honey hydrate, soften & smoothen skin, improving overall health. Organic Lemongrass helps refresh skin & calm the senses, promoting inner peace. Soothing Lavender gently relaxes, while precious Spike Lavender helps restore tranquility, promoting overall balance.<br><br>

Sensual Sandalwood - Body Scrub 20g<br>
A deep action natural exfoliating formula. Clears clogged pores, removing harmful toxins & dead cells. Gently renews skin, improving overall health. Purifies skin & body.<br><br>

Ceylon Tea & Spice - Body Scrub 20g<