Get Bright & Glowing Skin✨

Get Bright & Glowing Skin✨

If you are someone who’s facing issues related to Dull and Uneven Skin or Oily Skin, join us LIVE on 30th November from 1PM onwards with our Skin Care Expert, Shenuka Fernando to find out how to get bright and glowing skin!
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Exclusive True Turmeric Bundles

Pamper your skin with the brightening power of True Turmeric & Vitamin C 💛✨

✨ Help minimize dark patches, take away dullness & control imperfection of the skin.⁠
✨ Triple UV sunscreens & natural minerals help protect the skin from harmful sun exposure.!⁠
✨ Helps even out skin tones while energizing, brightening & enhancing the skin's natural glow.⁠
✨ Keeps skin looking matte & oil-free for longer.⁠
✨ Promotes brighter & a more youthful radiance.⁠

Visit our Website or your nearest Spa Ceylon outlet to discover more about our True Turmeric range!⁠