Fruit Paradise – 24 Days Wellness & Beauty Calendar


This season our celebration collections are adorned with a range of colourful tropical fruits from Ceylon. Each uniquely decorated in our signature floral artistry, inspired by traditional motifs from the grand Royal palaces of ancient Ceylon.

Fruit Paradise – 24 Days Wellness & Beauty Calendar includes 24 products valued over Rs.33,000 only for Rs.16,500 (*Limited Time Online Offer)

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Fruit Paradise

The romance of old Ceylon, combined with ancient Ayurveda wisdom, captured in a pampering range of majestic Royal spa formulae & Royal spa rituals, to soothe, calm & relax your body, mind & soul.

These vibrant, tropical fruits have been entwined in Sri Lankan culture, lifestyle & wellness practices for centuries. Their natural bounty was an intrinsic part of traditional Ayurveda for their nourishing, healing & balancing properties. Their refreshing aromas & vibrant colours would adorn the living spaces of the Ceylonese from homes to grand palaces, while also being inspiration for a myriad of arts & crafts created in the island.

Every time you choose a product from these collections, you help us donate a percentage of the sale price towards the preservation of the island’s precious eco-system & also towards promoting sustainable cultivation of fruits & herbs in the country.

1) Anti-Pollution Gel Facial Masque - True Turmeric - Vitamin C Glow - 25g

2) Bath & Shower Gel Gentle Body Cleanser - Neroli Jasmine - 50ml

3) Body & Pillow Mist - 20ml

4) Eau de Ceylon - Mandarin Spice - 30ml

5) Eau de Perfume - 10ml

6) Facial Cleansing Foam - Sal & Saffron - Vitamin E Rich - 25g

7) Hair Treatment Masque - Virgin Coconut - 25g

8) Hydrating Butter - Sleep - 30g

9) Intensive Hand Cream - 10g

10) Lip Balm - 8g

11) Luxury Soap - Neroli Jasmine - 50g

12) Natural Butter - Wild Mangosteen - 25g

13) Night Body Lotion - White Jasmine - 50ml

14) Nourishing All-Day Protector - White Rice - 10g

15) Nourishing Hair Conditioner - Kesharaja - 50ml

16) Perfumed Body Spray - Bentota - 30ml

17) Perfumed Body Spray - Frangipani Paradise - 30ml

18) Rich Body Butter - White Jasmine - 30g

19) Age Refining Nourishing Facial Cream - Skin-Smooth - Bakuchiol - 10g

20) Summer Wellness Head To Toe Ultra-Hydrating Gel - Aloe Lemongrass Mandarin - 30ml

21) Tinted Lip Balm - 4g

22) Dream Balm - Sleep Intense - 10g

23) Wellness Soap - Red Sandal & Cinnamon - 50g

24) WonderOil - Sandalwood - 20ml


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