Spa Ceylon Rewards

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Anyone can be a member!
All you have to do is, download the Spa Ceylon Rewards App & sign-up!

2. Earn

Earn more points as you move up the tiers!
You earn points with every purchase when you shop online or at any of our stores!*

3. Redeem

Use your reward points on all the benefits according to your tier. From priority access to events, free shipping & so much more!

Spa Ceylon Rewards Program Tiers
Rewards Table

Reward Members - Tier Change - 31st December 2022

To all Spa Ceylon Rewards Members
Reward point balance as of 31st of December 2022 will determine in which tier you will remain for the year of 2023.

If your point balance is in between the;
- 0 to 1,499: you will remain/downgraded to Garnet Tier
- 1,500 to 3,999: you will remain/downgrade/upgrade to Amethyst Tier
- 4,000 to 14,999: you will remain/downgrade/upgrade to Ruby Tier
-15,000+: you will remain/downgrade/upgrade to Sapphire Tier

However, all reward members in Amethyst, Ruby & Sapphire Tiers will get an extra grace period of 3 months till 31st March 2023 to redeem their points.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected]

To download the Spa Ceylon Rewards app:


To view complete list of Spa Ceylon Rewards App Terms & Conditions, Click here
For any inquiries, please contact [email protected] or call +94 77 613 7030


Join | Earn | Redeem

Spa Ceylon Rewards is the Spa Ceylon Loyalty Program curated to reward for every purchase you make either through Spa Ceylon Website or in-stores.
To register, simply download the app from Google Play or Apple Store & sign-up by entering your name, e-mail ID, phone number (this will be your membership ID), Date of Birth & Gender, pin code (temporary password that allows you to sign-in). Upon registering, you will get a verification code to your e-mail.
While you earn points, you will be moved up the tiers. starting from Garnet, Amethyst, Ruby & Sapphire. You can simply earn points with every purchase when you shop online or at any of our stores!*  
To redeem the points you have earnt, you can use your reward points on all the benefits according to your tier. From priority access to events, free shipping & so much more! All points that you hold will expire by 31st of March on the next consecutive year. So make sure you redeem reward points on your favorites!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Spa Ceylon Rewards is our all new card-less, app based Loyalty Program. For the first time - anyone can be a member! Membership is complimentary & earn redeemable points when you purchase your favorite Spa Ceylon products online or in-store. Unlock a range of benefits & privileges tailored just for you!
Download the Spa Ceylon Rewards App through this link & register now to become a Member of our exclusive loyalty program.
For the first time anyone can be a member! All you need is a valid Sri Lankan Mobile Number which will be your Spa Ceylon Rewards Member ID.
Once you are a member, you can start earning points with every purchase made online through or any Spa Ceylon outlet *All members must provide their Member ID at checkout/counter. *Not applicable at any Spa Ceylon Popup Markets, Glomark Nugegoda, Odel Outlets & BIA Outlets. *Point accumulation is not applicable for any discounted items, gift cards or items/rituals on special promotion. *Points will be added instantly to your Rewards Account.
You can redeem your points for online purchases or in-store purchases or spa rituals in 3 easy steps! - Provide your Member ID (phone number) at checkout. - Generate a QR code from your 'Rewards app' by clicking on the Redeem tab (+) icon. Next, enter the amount of points you wish to redeem and provide the QR code/unique code to the cashier or website checkout page. Once we verify, OTP will be sent to the mobile number provided which can be used to redeem the points. *Minimum point balance of 100 points should be kept in your Rewards account *Reward Points cannot be redeemed in any Spa Ceylon Popups, Glomark Nueggoda, Odel Outlets & BIA Outlets.
The points you earn can only be redeemed after 24 hours from the time of purchase.
Spa Ceylon Rewards Membership Tiers will be based on your annual spending as follows : Garnet:- Rs. 0 - 25,000 spent within the calendar year. Amethyst: Rs. 25,001 - 100,000 spent within the calendar year Ruby: Rs. 100,001 - 200,000 spent within the calendar year Sapphire: Rs. 200,001 + spent within the calendar year The higher you move up the tier, higher the benefits. As a Rewards Member you will get a Welcome Gift (one time gift when you upgrade your membership tier), Free Shipping, Free Samples with every purchase, Birthday Gift, Priority access to products and online/ offline exclusives, Priority access to events, Special Discounts for Spa Services, Complimentary Online Consultations and much more!
You can simply log into the Spa Ceylon Rewards App and check your point balance or by providing your member ID/registered phone number to the cashier at the outlet.
Your reward points will expire on the 31st March the following year. However, the tier in which you will remain for the next year will be determined on 31st December based on your remaining point balance as per the table above. If you move down a tier, you will still retain any previously earned points which can be used on or before 31st March.
The Welcome Gift is a one time e-coupon code given to members when they upgrade to the next tier (Only applicable for Ruby & Sapphire) You will recieve a code for the discount in the app which can be used at your next purchase made online ONLY.
If you are part of our existing Loyalty Program, your points will automatically be transffered once you register by downloading Spa Ceylon Rewards App and activating your new Rewards Account. Points will only transfer once the new Rewards Account is made.
Birthday Gift can be redeemed only once - you will recieve a code for the discount in the app which can be used at your next purchase made online or in-store. *Purchases made using the birthday gift coupon are not eligible for loyalty points. *Reward member registering on the month of his/her birthday will not be eligible for the birthday offer. The member should be registered a month prior of his/her birthday to avail the offer. *Birthday Gift coupon must be redeemed during the birthday month. *Birthday Gift Coupon will only be applicable if the birthday is filled on the member profile.
We will require 2-3 working days in order to validate the new contact number with your existing member account and points. We require you to send us an email [email protected] informing the change of contact number.
We're sorry to see you go! If you would like to leave the Spa Ceylon Rewards program, please email us at [email protected] and we will deactivate your account for you. Please note that deactivating your account will cause you to lose any accrued points. You may re-enroll in the program at any time, however, your Reward point balance will be reset to zero.