Dosha Type: Vatha

Introducing the Sal & Saffron Range

Best for dry, extra dry to dull skins & skin that seeks deep penetrating nourishment, extra hydration & care.
Soothe & care for your skin with this selection of high-performance Ayurveda Skin Wellness formulae. Infused with nourishing Sal Butter & deep penetrating Hyaluronic Acid to help instantly boost skin hydration & sooth dryness, leaving skin looking smoother, energised & more youthful. Super-charged with Saffron infused traditional Kumkumadi Treatment Oil to help revitalise skin & promote a brighter natural glow.
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Sal & Saffron Range - LIVE ✨ (English)

Sal & Saffron Range - LIVE ✨ (Sinhala)

Sal & Saffron Bundles (Savings up to 25%)