SWEET RAMBUTTAN - Gourmet Black Tea - Silken Tea Bags

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Black Tea with Fruits & Berries
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Ceylon Black Tea artfully blended with fresh, juicy Ceylon Pomegranate & dices of assorted Tropical Berries give a luscious tea with the bold, fruity taste of the ever popular Ceylon Rambutan.
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Draw fresh cold water into a kettle & bring to boil. Pour boiling water into a clean, dry cup or pot, containing one bag of Gourmet Black Tea per person. Use around 200ml of water per bag.
Allow to brew for 3 – 5 minutes & enjoy hot, or cold over crushed ice garnished with dices of local berries. Best enjoyed straight or with a bite of natural Palm Sugar or Pure Honey.
For best results keep pack refrigerated after opening.
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15 Pyramid Tea Bags
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Black Tea leaf, Pomegranate fruit, Raspberry fruit, Apple fruit, Safflower, Hibiscus, Natural flavour.
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