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Pamper your skin with the brightening power of True Turmeric & Vitamin C 💛✨

✨ Help minimize dark patches, take away dullness & control imperfection of the skin.⁠
✨ Triple UV sunscreens & natural minerals help protect the skin from harmful sun exposure.!⁠
✨ Helps even out skin tones while energizing, brightening & enhancing the skin's natural glow.⁠
✨ Keeps skin looking matte & oil-free for longer.⁠
✨ Promotes brighter & a more youthful radiance.⁠

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True Turmeric -SUPER STAR✨

True Turmeric – Vitamin C Glow – Renewing Treatment Serum 30ml

Oily, dull or blemished skin, in need of healthy & glowing skin? Swipe to discover the solution!

Our True Turmeric – Vitamin C Glow – Renewing Treatment Serum⁠
is a powerful overnight repair treatment infused with Ayurveda WonderHerbs & anti-oxidant, healing & calming Turmeric to help:⁠

☀️ Minimizes dark patches, take-off dullness & control imperfections.⁠
☀️ Rebalances the skin, fortify natural defenses & promote overall skin wellness.⁠
☀️ Hydrates & refreshes the skin, while Almond, Rice Bran, Moringa & Licorice combine to help minimize dark spots, even out skin tone & boost visible youthfulness⁠
☀️ Super-charged with natural Vitamin-C rich Rosehip & Pineapple enzymes to help energize & renew skin, adding a clear natural glow.⁠