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FREE Jewel Paradise Gift Time Set worth Rs. 8900

FREE Jewel Paradise Gift Time Set worth Rs. 8900 for all purchases above Rs.30,000 with at least one Jewel Paradise Item in the cart

*If eligible, Jewel Paradise Gift Time Set will be automatically added to the cart
*Subject to availability of stocks
*Cannot be combined with other offers & promotions
*Only one Jewel Paradise Gift Time Set is valid for a single purchase
*Purchase must include at least one Jewel Paradise Collection product, excluding JEWEL PARADISE – Fourteen Days Wellness & Beauty Calendar.

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Introducing Neroli Jasmine Body Care!🏵️✨

Have you tried our NEROLI JASMINE BODY CARE? 💛🌼
We have brought you the fragrance you have been asking for, and now you can take care of your skin with Neroli Jasmine 😍⁠
Your favorite fragrance is now available in bodycare made through the powerful science of Ayurveda.

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Beach Aroma Collection

Journey to the exotic beaches of Ceylon with this collection tropical fragrances reminiscent of an island escape to the sun-kissed beaches of Ceylon. Each fragrance captures the aromatic notes of Ceylonese tropical fruit, exotic island blossoms & rainforest herbs, combined with pure aromatic essential oils, to keep you fresh & fragrant all-day long.

Box Content:
    Nourishing Hand & Body Lotion 50ml x 6
    Perfumed Body Spray 60ml x 6

* This offer is valid subject to availability of stocks
* Free shipping is not valid for this purchase
* Other Terms & Conditions Apply

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Free Purse Spray With Purchases Over Rs. 6,500

Get a FREE Purse Spray, when you shop your favorites online!

Complement yourself with a free Spa Ceylon Eau De Perfume 3ml for purchases over Rs. 6,500!

*Subject to availability of stocks
*Total cart value should be more than Rs. 6,500 - not applicable for already discounted products
*If eligible, a purse spray will be automatically added to the cart
*Eau De Perfumes added automatically cannot be changed with another Eau De Perfume variant

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Save Rs.1,000 on Skin Care Sets!

✅You only need 5 products to fight signs of ageing & you can find them in our Skin-Soothe – Face Care Essentials Set
✅Reducing acne scars & pigmentation isn't a problem with our Skin Balance Face Care Essentials Set
✅Start your morning routine with our White Jasmine - Day Hydrating Serum to ensure that your skin is ready to take on the day!
✅Improve your overnight skin recovery process with our White Jasmine Night Treatment Oil Set
✅Glowing skin can become a reality with our True Turmeric Face Care Essentials Set
✅To help hydrate, reinforce, repair & fortify skin while softening & evening out uneven skin tones with our Virgin Coconut Night Repair Face Treatment Oil Set
✅The perfect morning & night routine to battle dark circles & wrinkles around the eyes with our White Sandal Soothing Eye Serum Set
✅Help significantly reduce the appearance of pores, leaving skin revitalized & more comforted with our Neem & Tea Tree – Overnight Treatment Masque Set

Other Skin Care Essential Sets
White Jasmine – Skin Care Essentials
White Rice – Skin Care Essentials
Virgin Coconut – Skin Care Essentials
Neem & Tea Tree – Skin Care Essentials

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