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We appreciate your patience & understanding. Thank you for shopping with us ❤ #spaceylon ...

Creme perfumes are ideal for fragrance touch-ups on the go & if you are a lover of roses, this Fragrance is perfect for you! 🌹 ❣

This rich floral fragrance concentrate is an alcohol-free, non-oily fast absorbent; the creamy formula is enriched with aromatic essential oils to help keep you feeling luxuriously fragrant ALL DAY LONG! ✅

🏷️: LKR 1,600
🚚: Islandwide delivery available
💵: Cash on delivery available

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Need a solution for acne scars & pigmentation? Our Skin Balance – Moringa Herb Discoloration Treatment Face Serum is exactly what you need🌿

This advanced skin resurfacing treatment is infused with Ayurveda WonderHerbs to help;

✅ Strengthen skin balance & minimise UV induced sun damage.
✅ Minimise pigmentation, discolouration patches & lighten acne blemishes, promoting renewed skin clarity
✅ Reduces the look of pores, adding a new freshness while accelerating the night-time skin renewal process.
✅ Reveal smoother, healthier-looking, even-toned skin & youthful radiance.

🏷️: LKR 3,950
🚚: Islandwide delivery available
💵: Cash on delivery available

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Indulge your mind, body & senses with the uplifting & delightful fragrance of Cardamom Rose with our Cardamom Rose Body & Pillow Mist! ❣

This quick-drying non-oily natural mist is blended with powerful Ayurveda WonderHerbs & essential oils to help 👇🏼

🌹 Cools, refreshes & protects the skin.
🌹 Soothes calms & helps take away daily stress, relaxing the senses.
🌹 Luxuriously fragrant Organic Ceylon Cardamom warms, uplifts & clarifies the mind & body.
🌹 The synergistic blend promotes joyous natural well-being.

🏷️: LKR 2,450
🚚: Islandwide delivery available
💵: Cash on delivery available

Shop now ➡ Link in bio! #spaceylon #cardamomrose