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This week’s #texturetuesday spotlight goes to our Sandalwood Vetiver Hair Nourishing Balm. 🌿💚

This deep-penetrating & balancing treatment is infused with vitamin-rich regenerative Ayurveda herbs to help,👇🏼

🧜🏽‍♀️ Soothe & hydrate hair while promoting natural balance.
🧜🏽‍♀️ Nourish hair, control excessive oiliness & improve overall hair health
🧜🏽‍♀️ Repairs hair damage while adding a light shiny texture to dull hair.
🧜🏽‍♀️ Warming Cinnamon, Calming Vetiver & pacifying Sandalwood work in synergy to balance scalp & invigorate the sense clarifies the mind & body

See incredible results with our Sandalwood WonderOil for face, skin & hair! 🤎

This non-greasy formula contains the power of 8 Ayurveda WonderHerbs in an ultra-nourishing blend to help 👇🏼

🌿 Soothes skin & shields against pollution while protecting skin & hair from dryness.
🌿 Even-outs skin tone & beautify the face, body & hair.
🌿 Improves radiance & promote overall wellness.
🌿 Instantly adds a soft, silky-smooth touch to skin & hair, without a greasy after-fee

🖐🏽: Best for all skin types
🏷️: LKR 3,850
🚚: Islandwide delivery available
💵: Cash on delivery available

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Our Hair Care superstars are created through the powerful science of Ayurveda, formulated with the finest natural ingredients to treat, nourish & strengthen hair for total hair health! 🙌🏽💚 The perfect partners for your bathroom space! 😍 what's in yours? Let us know in the comment below!

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Can you the name of this ingredient! 😍 It's one of our faves! Drop your guesses in the comments below! #spaceylon ...

Treat hair loss naturally with our deep penetrating medicated hair partner: The Kesharaja Hair & Scalp Oil Treatment. 🌿 💚

This powerful traditionally formula works to 👇🏼

✅ Nourish, strengthen & promote luxuriant, healthy hair growth.
✅ Hydrates & cools the scalp.
✅ Controls dandruff, premature greying & hair loss.
✅ Increases circulation, clears the mind & reduces eye strain.
✅ Relieves stress & anxiety
✅ Improves overall well-being.

🖐🏽: Best for normal to fine hair.
🏷️: LKR 2,600
🚚: Islandwide delivery available
💵: Cash on delivery available

Our Hair Care superstars not only works to revive hair & promote total hair wellness, but they also make attractive shower partners! 💚 Who are your shower partners? ☘

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