Be Radiant

Feel like your skin is suffering under the harsh effects of sunlight, dust and pollution? Want to regain a luminous and even tone? Then choose WHITE – our newest range of products that help boost your skins natural renewal process, revealing lighter, brighter and radiant skin.

Our range of White Jasmine products is designed to suit those of the Vatha Dosha; while White Tuberose lends its power to the products custom made for those with Pitha and Kapha Dosha.

White Jasmine, it’s intoxicating scent has held many in its sway. In Sri Lanka, its essential oil is valued for its healing and aphrodisiac like properties. It is also a reputed anti-depressant, anti septic and a calming sedative. Considered to be an emblem of feminine kindness, jasmines are often given as gifts.

White Tuberose. With a fragrance that is akin to gardenia and jasmine but considered warmer and more exotic, White Tuberose essential oil is one of the most precious oils in the world, renowned for its distinctive scent, and credited for stimulating serenity and creativity. It is also a deeply sensual fragrance and is known as “Mistress of the Night” in certain parts of Asia. We found that it provided the perfect base for our White range for individuals with Pitha and Kapha Dosha.