Rediscover Sweet Repose

In some countries, as many as 1 in 4 people suffer from insomnia. The #1 reason? Stress.

Our SLEEP range is designed to put an end to those exhausting nights of tossing and turning.

All our products are Tridosha, suitable for you, no matter what Dosha you traditionally fall into. Promising to promote tranquil relaxation and deep, restful sleep, our SLEEP ingredients read like roll call in essential oil heaven – pure Lavender to relax and diminish stress, fragrant Ylang Ylang to calm and clarify, Patchouli for tranquillity and soothing, while Orange and Lemon to restore the balance of the senses.

Discover the indulgence of a peaceful night’s sleep. Combine various products in the range till you find the ritual that best relaxes you.Try SLEEP Bath Soak with our unique mix of natural Essential Oils as well as 100% Natural Ayurveda Actives – Virgin Coconut, Sugar Cane, Corn, Sea Salt and Mineral Clay. Pour a couple of tablespoons into running bath water, step in, soak and relax.

Follow that up with SLEEP Hydrating Butter. Revel in the sensation of this silky substance melting into your skin – soothing, comforting and promoting deep, restful sleep. Enjoy the added benefit offered by Sweet almond and Marigold as they combine to improve overall skin health and wellbeing. Spritz SLEEP Body and Pillow Spray on your pillows and linen and slip on our Calming Eye Mask. As you drift away the combination of natural Witch Hazel and fresh organic Aloe Vera in our spray will cool, soothe and tone your skin. Mix and match till you find your sleeping potion.

Ylang Ylang from the Himalayas

Our SLEEP therapy range owes much of its wonder to the power of the Cananga Blossom. Ylang Ylang calms fear and anxiety, reduces shock, slows rapid breathing and even reduces high blood pressure. What better to soothe you to sleep? And the best part? When sleep is the last thing on your mind, Ylang Ylang’s euphoric and erotic properties will take you where you want to go.