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Our Skin Care Sets

Sal & Saffron – Vitamin E Rich – Skin Care Set

Our Newest Addition to skincare sets, Sal & Saffron – Vitamin E Rich – Skin Care Set is best for dry, extra dry to dull skin & skin that seeks deep penetrating nourishment, extra hydration & care. Soothe & care for your skin with this selection of high-performance Ayurveda Skin Wellness formulae.

Infused with nourishing Sal Butter & deep penetrating Hyaluronic Acid to help instantly boost skin hydration & soothe dryness, leaving skin looking smoother, energized & more youthful. Super-charged with Saffron infused traditional Kumkumadi Treatment Oil to help revitalize skin & promote a brighter natural glow.

This includes,

1) Sal & Saffron - Vitamin E Rich - Facial Cleansing Foam - 25ml
2) Sal & Saffron - Vitamin E Rich - 2-in-1 Deep Cleanser + Facial Treatment Masque - 25ml
3) Sal & Saffron - Vitamin E Rich - Intense Hydrating Night Treatment Facial Serum - 30ml
4) Sal & Saffron - Vitamin E Rich - Delicate Creme Facial Exfoliator - 10g
5) Sal & Saffron - Vitamin E Rich - Glow Activating Day Facial Protector - 10g

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White Jasmine – Day Hydrating Serum Set

This includes :

WHITE JASMINE – Day Hydrating Serum 30ml x 1
WHITE JASMINE – Facial Cleansing Foam 30ml x 1
WHITE JASMINE – Facial Scrub 30ml x 1
WHITE RICE – Nourishing All-day Protector 10g x 1
WHITE JASMINE – Facial Masque 10g x 1

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✅You only need 5 products to fight signs of ageing & you can find them in our Skin-Soothe – Face Care Essentials Set
✅Reducing acne scars & pigmentation isn't a problem with our Skin Balance Face Care Essentials Set
✅Start your morning routine with our White Jasmine - Day Hydrating Serum to ensure that your skin is ready to take on the day!
✅Improve your overnight skin recovery process with our White Jasmine Night Treatment Oil Set
✅Glowing skin can become a reality with our True Turmeric Face Care Essentials Set
✅To help hydrate, reinforce, repair & fortify skin while softening & evening out uneven skin tones with our Virgin Coconut Night Repair Face Treatment Oil Set
✅The perfect morning & night routine to battle dark circles & wrinkles around the eyes with our White Sandal Soothing Eye Serum Set
✅Help significantly reduce the appearance of pores, leaving skin revitalized & more comforted with our Neem & Tea Tree – Overnight Treatment Masque Set

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